Wednesday, November 12, 2008

THE DOGGY DIALOGUES! Q's & A's: Vaccinations

As author of The Healing Art of Pet Parenthood and Mom of a dog who survived canine cancer and lived to be 19, people ask me lots of questions about holistic care, senior care, and grief. I am not a vet. Loving pet parent, avid researcher, and holistic pet care advocate are my credentials. That said, please email your questions and let The Doggy Dialogues begin!

: from Tommy Tunes- doggy friend to all
"I have a very bad reaction to my "annual" shots". Dad can't touch me and I sometimes go into the hallway and lay down and mope for a couple days. I read an article saying that dogs do NOT need annual shots. They can easily go 2 or 3 year between shots. I told my vet and he let me skip 1 year and he also doesn't give the shots all in one day. That helped some. Annual shots are a major part of a vets income so I always wondered about what is really the truth about shots."

Dear Tommy Tunes-
My personal preference is to forgo vaccinations. Of course, there are risks involved in that choice and I urge everyone to do a lot of research before coming to their own conclusion either way. I would encourage your dad to start googling. Some key words to begin with might be: canine vaccinations dangers, holistic alternatives vaccinations. Here is one place to start gathering information about the risks of vaccines. I have not used these particular ones myself, but there are companies that sell homeopathic remedy kits to counteract the negative side effects of vaccines. The few times I did take Buttons for shots, I gave her Rescue Remedy beforehand to calm her emotionally. That might be the ticket to help you to stay happier throughout the process and afterwards. Thanks so much for your question and great review of the book!

Wishing you vibrant health
and precious moments-
Nadine (and Buttons)


Tommy Tunes said...

Thanks Nadine! I think I'll try that Thuja. I always wonder about stuff like that though. Is it just a placebo or worse some junk that may be harmful. And how do I know the seller or manufacturer are reliable. Oh well, life is tough for us skeptics.

Nadine said...


These are the brands I
Washington Homeopathics, Hylands, and Boiron.


Merle said...

What people don't realize is that vacines are a big business for vets. Of course they want to give them more often they needed as it supplies them with a pretty nice income. Vacines can make your dog very sick and in sometimes even result in death. Talk to your vet about what shots your dog is being given and most of them only should be administered every 3 years now.

Nadine M. Rosin/ author, speaker, holistic pet care advocate said...

I couldn't agree with you more, Merle! Thank you for the comment & info!