Sunday, May 17, 2009


From Wikipedia: “Well into the 20th century, coal miners brought canaries into coal mines as an “early warning signal” for deadly, toxic gases. The birds, being more sensitive, would become sick before the miners, who would then have a chance to escape or put on protective respirators.”

Is it any wonder that with the “pre green” proliferation of chemical laden cleaning and laundry products, building supplies, and monthly flea poison treatments, that our pets are developing cancer at such an alarming rate? In addition to protecting one’s animal from constant exposure to a myriad of possible household carcinogens, our having to negotiate the constant recalls and dangers of an unregulated, processed pet food industry can be an overwhelming and depressing nightmare. But there’s also a deeper issue: when it comes to these everyday toxins that we have become so unconscious about or accepting of, have our cherished, innocent pets become our modern day canaries?

There are MANY things we can do to help prevent our beloved companion animals from ever getting cancer. When my 8-year old dog, aka: my adopted daughter, Buttons, was diagnosed with deadly carcinoma and given 6 weeks to live, I launched a massive personal research campaign into the world of holistic medicine.

I soon came to learn that “holistic” didn’t mean symptom treating with natural remedies or herbs in lieu of pharmaceutical drugs. Instead, it meant clearing my home environment of all possible toxins, cleansing Buttons’ entire system physically and emotionally, and then giving her the proper nutritional support so that Buttons’ body could do what an unburdened body does best: HEAL ITSELF.

Buttons went on to thrive for another 11 years. Exactly 1 week before her 19th birthday, she died peacefully of old age in my loving arms. The Healing Art of Pet Parenthood is the story of our nearly 2 decades together.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009



  • Create many more healthy years w/your pets
  • Save $$ on vet bills
  • Stack the odds against your pet ever developing diseases like cancer, urine crystals, skin conditions, allergies, etc.
all in one fun, informative, life- enhancing 
holistic pet-care consultation!
**This is NOT a veterinary or diagnostic service**

Bodies are created to maintain vibrant health. When they are overloaded with toxins from processed foods and the chemical soup most of us live in from laundry products, air fresheners, cosmetics, flea control products, cleaners and perfumes to name a few- there ends up being too many battles for the body to win the war. 

No pet CATCHES cancer. It DEVELOPS in a body that is toxic and out of balance. It is a symptom. Addressing the CAUSE enables the body to HEAL ITSELF. And remember- it's so much easier, less expensive and less scary to prevent a diagnosis than to "fight" one.

NOW AVAILABLE: phone consultations worldwide with certified holistic pet/toxic-free lifestyle consultant and author of The Healing Art of Pet Parenthood, Nadine M. Rosin  

For all details including scheduling and payment, just scroll down the left column of this page.

Nadine has helped pets with all kinds of disease and conditions, and she URGES you to PLEASE take advantage of this consultation BEFORE your pet shows any symptoms of ill-health so you never have to go through hearing your vet say, “I’m so sorry, your dog has deadly...”

Want to learn what the holistic protocol "clear/cleanse/build" really means from someone who's done it successfully?

HOLISTIC CONSULTATION:  What our pets are exposed to regularly has a HUGE impact on their health. We are all what we eat, breathe, and absorb through our skin. Our pets' bodies metabolize everything so much faster than ours: what everyday chemicals may take 40 or 50 years of exposure to create disease in our bodies, may only take 3-6 years of exposure to create disease in theirs.

In our one-on-one personalized consultation, we'll discuss your choice of food, treats, toys, home and personal products- thoroughly examining everything you currently expose your pet to- including insidious things you are not even aware of! After explaining why some of those things may be extremely harmful to your pet, I'll share some simple, easily attainable alternatives, recipes and supplements that I myself use and help guide you into creating the safest, healthiest environment possible in your home.

GRIEF CONSULTATION: I will listen deeply, understand and validate, and if requested, share some unique, simple, and comforting processes to help you honor your relationship while grieving and healing your wounded heart.

For all the details including scheduling and payment, just scroll down the left column of this page.


Lifestyle consultations for any human wanting to establish vibrant health in their own body including:  

~~How to easily and economically replace toxic products such as certain personal cosmetics, laundry aids, and house cleaning supplies  

~~Understanding and recipes for green juice, juice fasting, and breaking a juice fast the healthy way

~~Understanding and recipes for cleansing and fortifying green smoothies  

~~How to easily transition from a SAD (standard American diet) to whole foods, vegan, or RAW cuisine including recipes, techniques, and understanding of different kitchen equipment uses and brands

"I need a megaphone to shout to the world that Nadine is AMAZING! I had a consultation with her on how my dog has been getting chronic ear infections, and the advice she gave to ELIMINATE not only this issue but others as well was unlike any other. She gave me information that you can't find by researching - it was in...valuable. She went well over the time limit, and exceeded my expectations. I'm now well on my way to making my doggie as healthy as healthy can be!"
--Erika Stanczak McQuade, New York State

“I LOVED my “Toxic-free Living” consultation with Nadine. Here I thought I was using only the best, safest “natural” products and boy, was THAT so not the truth. Nadine enthusiastically helped me weed out the “culprits” and find easy, inexpensive alternatives that are safe for my family and 3 dogs. My hour (well, actually 90 minutes- she was happy to go over for no additional charge!) on the phone with her, was fun and invaluable. Thank you, Nadine, for helping me keep my loved ones safer!”
---Dee Ryan/Pet Parent, Seattle, WA

“Nadine, thanks so very much for all of your assistance, counseling, infinite patience, your care and concern in our consultations as I was coping with my German Shepherd Dog Savannah's incurable disease. Although in the end Savannah lost her battle with Inflammatory Bowel Disease at the tender age of 36 months, it was your valuable knowledge regarding canine holistic healing, and the time that you spent offering me valuable nutritional and environmental suggestions that afforded Savannah an additional nine months of life! Nadine, I will be forever grateful to you for that!"
---Karen L. DeBias
FROM MY HOUSE TO YOURS, A Premier Pet Sitting Service

“When my dear Boomer passed away, you were the only one who really understood all I was feeling. Thank you for helping me survive those initial first days of overwhelming grief. I thank my wonderful friend, Diane, too. She didn’t know what to say to me herself, but she knew to give me the gift of a grief consultation with you, Nadine. Bless you and all those you help.”
---S. Michaels/Pet Parent, San Francisco, CA

"I myself having done a consult with Nadine can truly say she has made my 2 dachshund babies so much more healthier! I actually noticed that once I started using her recommendations my 11 year old's health and looks improved was missing hair on his tail for years and the vet chalked it up to some type of dermatitis and after changing his diet, and getting rid of toxins in my home (which I didnt realize where toxins) his hair has grown back!!! I LOVED having this consult and cannot thank Nadine enough for all her valuable information she shared with me! I highly recommend anyone that loves their babies to have a consult with is truly worth every penny!"

---R. Tedesco/Pet Parent, NJ

Monday, May 11, 2009


My 1st book, The Healing Art of Pet Parenthood spans the 2 decades I spent with the 4-legged love of my life, my heart dog, Buttons. It's our story of the human-animal bond, how I helped her heal from cancer, how she helped me heal from a terrified, bruised and broken heart, and how I emotionally survived her physical death.

The question I get asked most by readers is, "Have you gotten another dog since Buttons died?" It's then that I try to explain. Marketing a book is a full time job, especially when it's not backed by a big publishing house, and its author feels as passionately about the topic as I do. Since I'm not currently in a position to make book marketing my only full time job, but rather, my 2nd full time job (in addition to a part time business!), it wouldn't be responsible of me, with such limited time and energy, to try and share my life with a canine companion, too.

But I am immersed as deeply as ever in the human-animal bond, and I have gotten hundreds of dogs since Buttons made her transition. Everyday is a constant flow of emails, and phone consultations- the ones about Bruiser and Godiva, Dasher, Carmie, Tinker Bell, Cisco, Biskit, Rudy and Reggie, et al, asking for guidance on feeding the safest food, healthy treat recipes, homeopathic remedies, alternatives to toxic flea treatments.... and the ones from pet parents whose beloveds have recently gone to Rainbow Bridge, thanking me for the validation and camaraderie my book has brought them.

I am blessed by every one of those emails and consultations, and although at this time, there is no cold nose waking me up in the morning with a snuggley nudge, I continue to embrace my bond with the animal teachers, and am honored to keep contributing my part to the stewardship we all have of our furry companions.