Saturday, February 20, 2010


Twitter and Facebook are all abuzz about
the upcoming (April 9,10)
BlogPaws 2010

the first-ever pet bloggers conference, where more than 250 bloggers, writers and companies passionate about pets will come together for networking, learning and fun in Columbus, Ohio.

Here are the top 10 reasons why YOU want to attend:

Number 10: Hundreds of pet enthusiasts who love animals as much as you do

Number 9: Blogging pros there to help you in person

Number 8: Andrea Arden, star of Animal Planet's, Underdog to Wonderdog, is Saturday's keynote speaker

Number 7: You look better in person than on your Twitter avatar

Number 6: Your pets can come, too

Number 5: More fun than a class reunion (this is the FIRST annual- you can't possibly be older or heavier)

Number 4: You'll leave with new friends, powerful skills, and confidence on how to boost your blog traffic & monitization

Number 3: This is business and social networking on steroids

Number 2: Columbus is the new Vegas


The Number 1 Reason Why You Want To Attend BlogPaws 2010: Michael Vick won't be there


Your Daily Cute said...

I love this. Tweeted!

Michele C. Hollow said...

I love you guys--really. Thanks for making me laugh, and for putting this great conference together. I'm looking forward to attending, and I will be a speaker! I'm Michele at Pet News and Views.

Marg said...

That really are some good reasons to go to the conference. I especially like the fact that Michael Vick will not be there. We cannot come because we have no money and way too many animals to leave behind and no one to take care of them. But can't wait to hear all about it.