Thursday, April 22, 2010

IN REVIEW: 2nd Edition now available!

5.0 out of 5 stars Highly Recommended for all Pet Lovers!, February 4, 2010
After reading the book and having done a consult with author, Nadine M. Rosin (see link to her blog from "about the author" page), I can truly say she has made my 2 dachshund babies so much more healthy! I actually noticed that once I started using her recommendations my 11 year old's health and looks improved was missing hair on his tail for years and the vet chalked it up to some type of dermatitis and after changing his diet, and getting rid of toxins in my home (which I didn't realize were toxins) his hair has grown back!!! I LOVED having this consult and cannot thank Nadine enough for all her valuable information she shared with me! I highly recommend anyone that loves their babies to purchase this book and have a consult with is truly worth every penny!

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5.0 out of 5 stars An Emotionally Moving Masterpiece, January 17, 2010
The Healing Art of Pet Parenthood
As a Pet Loss Counselor, I have been searching for just the right book to recommend to my clients. Ms. Rosin has created a masterpiece with her book, The Healing Art of Pet Parenthood. She has tenderly and honestly captured the stages of grief that we all experience when we lose a beloved pet. Her words allow pet parents to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are understood, accepted and loved in their time of bereavement. And she offers hope to all pet parents that we will find our way back to our lives having learned, and grown, and experienced a love greater than many humans could ever imagine was possible.
~Beth Temple-Holmes, RN,
Certified Pet Loss Counselor

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