Sunday, January 15, 2012


Ahhh, cheese.
Delicious, creamy, convenient, tasty, easy, wonderful cheese!
  • Full of salt.
  • Full of steroids and hormones (eg: Bovine Somatotropin: synthesized growth hormones injected into cows for more milk production).
  • A mucous-forming nightmare to the immune system (stop eating it for a week and notice how much less nasal you sound and how you're not blowing your nose as much).
  • Even Dr. Oz's wife, Lisa, has tweeted about the addictive chemicals in cheese and her difficulty and determination to stop eating it forever.
I saw an online recipe today for "natural" home-made dog treats. It had 3 ingredients and one of them was cheese.

Please, pet parents- DO NOT give your beloved pets cheese in any form for any reason. Or sugar. Those things are slow-acting poisons and are far more harmful to our pets than to us because their life spans are so much shorter.

They really aren't going to love you more because you feed them ingredients that are tasty and unhealthy. They have no choice but to eat the things YOU CHOOSE to give them. Why not make sure those things are only healthy ones?

If you want to make your dog really happy, take him on an extra walk this week instead of showing your love with unhealthy food.

In other words, go ahead and continue to blame the dog for cutting the cheese, but please don't feed him/her cheese anymore. Like me- commit yourself to bad puns instead of bad ingredients.


flowergirlphx said...

Awesome information! I don't eat cheese so I don't give it to my dog either!

Nadine M. Rosin said...

GOOD FOR YOU, flowergirlphx!!!!!!

Orange County Veterinarian said...

Thanks for this post!