Friday, April 3, 2009

Health & Beauty For You AND Your Dog

Early last year, a dear friend of mine turned me on to the health benefits of extra virgin coconut oil. I always heed her nutritional advice and immediately began my own research because:

A. - Everything she has ever shared with me regarding health and physical well-being: green smoothies, rebounding, eating raw, has been incredibly beneficial


B. - She's approaching 60 and looks and lives like a vibrant 40-something

I did a lot of reading about extra virgin coconut oil then, because like so many other people, I was only aware of the negative smear campaign it got several years ago especially regarding movie theater popcorn. But then, thanks to Hanna- MY EYES WERE OPENED!
This stuff is not only EXTREMELY healthy and beneficial, but it's the only oil that doesn't turn rancid when heated. Tropical Traditions is a brand I prefer. They also make a killer (pun intended, I guess, *grin*) botanical broad spectrum disinfectant that I love using at home and consider totally safe to use around beloved pets.

I have also read numerous articles about the health benefits of extra virgin coconut oil for dogs. Most testimonials and vets say adding a little to a dog's diet is a sure-fire way to clear up skin allergies and other skin sensitivity conditions when nothing else has worked. Worth some research for interested pet parents.

Do you use coconut oil for yourself or your dog?
What's YOUR experience with it?


Jodi & Felix said...

Felix gets organic virgin coconut oil several times a week for his allergies. This combined with a daily fish oil supplement (and an allergy drench twice a month) has left him with a beautiful, shiny coat and has left him itchy free and enabled us to take him off allergy meds more than a year ago. Coconut oil is definitely good for him.

wolfwatcher said...

I have GOT to try this for Mylo(heck; it can only help all my dogs too!)to try to get his itchies under control.

Nadine M. Rosin/ author, speaker, holistic pet care advocate said...

YEA, FELIX! thanks, Jodi :)

yournaturalpet said...

I've been using coconut oil for cooking for a while. just last week my chiropractor recommended coconut oil for my "pre-cancerous" skin spots. He said it worked for him in 1 month. I'm just trying it now. Fortunately, our dogs don't have any skin problems or allergies - we feed a super healthy food & are so happy with the results!

Jen said...

Thanks for the post! I will have to look into it for a foster dog I have that just doesn't stop itching!!

Annette Frey said...

Yes, love coconut oil for myself and for dogs. My company uses coconut oil exclusively in our dog treats as a better fat alternative. Coconut oil is mostly utilized for energy rather than deposited as fat (like long chain fatty acids).

It is also better tolerated, not only for dogs with some liver and pancreas problems but for dogs with food sensitivities or allergies.

BocMeow Pet Care said...

After reading your blog, I bought some coconut oil from Tropical Traditions for me and my dogs. All 3 of my dogs were constantly itching, one of them was chewing himself raw near his tail area. He was on allergy meds, but I weaned him off of those due to not wanting him to consume the chemicals. Now after a month of getting a very small daily dose of coconut oil in their food, their coats are shiny and soft-no more chewing, no more itchy red spots! I've been taking it myself as well and have noticed a difference. Thanks for the info! I'll be sharing with friends, family & clients!

Adam said...

Never tried giving coconut oil to my dog, but always use it myself.