Monday, April 20, 2009


Holistic treatment is all about prevention. Start listing the chemicals many of us use in our homes, and it's easy to see see how dramatically we may be adding to the toxic overload of our beloved pets' immune systems.

The following is a short list of things I made sure were not in Buttons' environment. We stopped the cancer she was diagnosed with at age 8 and she lived to be a vibrant 19.

A Quick & Easy Home Toxin ✔list :
  • Pet or human bedding or cloth toys washed in non natural laundry detergent or non natural fabric softener
  • Pet or human bedding or cloth toys dried in chemical-laden dryer sheets
  • Chemical lawn fertilizer
  • Non natural rug and floor cleaners
  • Secondhand cigarette smoke
  • Plastic food or water bowls
  • Most plug-in or spray air fresheners and non-naturally scented candles
  • Negatively focused, dramatically-inclined people (Don't laugh-or actually, DO! Animals are highly sensitive and tend to act as emotional shunts for the people they love and are devoted to.)

COMMENT QUESTION: Which, if any of these things are you currently using around your pet?

Please stop back for my next post: NON TOXIC REPLACEMENTS


Erika said...

Thanks so much for the check list Nadine! Would love to hear about your alternatives, especially for monthly tick/flea products. :)

Nadine M. Rosin/ author, speaker, holistic pet care advocate said...

Thanks, Erika! Alternatives for all will be listed in the next post! :)

FashionTouch said...

I have to say HUGE thank you for this list.
We are folling it as close as possible, choosing carefully the washing supplies, we dont use the flea products but the tea tree oil shampoo for preventing it, Chemical lawn fertilizers are band in Canada, using vacuum clearner and just water to wash the floors, no smoking, metal bowls and very carefull and very limited with airfreshners. As of drama and negativity in our lives, it is a very sencitive for pets. Our little puppy feels every small ammount of sadness and react very much to it, so we are trying to be positive.

I have to add, this list is very useful not only for pet owners, but for everyone who wants to live life at its full!!! Thank you, Nadine, you know I always appreciate your info!!!!

Ingrid King said...

Great list. Especially the last point. Most of us are so closely bonded to our pets that there's a constant energy exchange going on. I often see pets in my Reiki practice that have taken on their parent's stress and illness, often in an effort to heal the person. Let's not put that responsibility on our pets - let's take care of our own health and emotions without sharing that burden with our pets.

I'll look forward to seeing your recommendations for natural flea and tick control - that's the one area where I find it very challenging to find natural alternatives that work as well as the chemically laden products.

Anonymous said...

I also would like to know what the alternative for flea control is. I only use one a year and that I spray mine every other day with a mixture of eucalyptis oil, lavender oil and lemon oil. Seems to work pretty well and smells good too.

Bee Proplis said...

Thank you for this list! You are right prevention is the best way to fighting cancer. The sad this is, most pet owners are not aware of cancer, or at least they do not know how to prevent it. And only when their pets get cancer that they pay attention. For some it may be too late though.

Jewelry84097 said...

I lost 2 cats to a soft plastic bowl! One cat was about 15 and she became ill. We had her put to sleep. I started feeding a different cat with the same bowl. She was about 12 and had some other health issues, and she became sick too. After $100s in tests, the vet said it looked like she was poisoned. Started feeding her by hand off a ceramic plate and she got better. Went back plastic bowl and she got sick again! Too late to save her before I figured it out!

Nadine M. Rosin/ author, speaker, holistic pet care advocate said...

Jewelry84097- I am SO very sorry to hear this news...but not surprised :(
Thank you for sharing your painful learning experience here.
I have come to only use glass or stainless steel bowls. Some ceramic glazes can also leach. Please see my older post about pet's bowls:

Teresa R. Nystrom said...

My little dog is so charming that my aunt, who has never liked dogs, allowed Penny to sit in her lap and kept commenting on how cute she was. There went those negative vibrations!

Lina said...

Grouchy American Pit Bull Terrier will not allow my husband or I to even raise our voices to each other. If he is tense, she comes and places her snout against his mouth and just hugs him. Any "arguments" entail him trying to move her face away enough to just talk normally, which results in laughter because she will not budge. It is amazing how she can sense frustration, almost before he even knows that he is becoming frustrated. She is the ultimate peacekeeper, and it is very amusing.

I definitely know that the last point on the list is very valid. :)

For fleas:
Other than feeding my dogs garlic, I rub food grade diatamaceous earth ( their fur once in a while to prevent flea outbreaks. There is absolutely no reason to have to use synthetic toxins...