Wednesday, December 10, 2008

THE DOGGY DIALOGUES! Q's & A's- Teeth Cleaning

As author of The Healing Art of Pet Parenthood and Mom of a dog who survived canine cancer and lived to be 19, people ask me lots of questions about holistic care, senior care, and grief. I am not a vet. Loving pet parent, avid researcher, and holistic pet care advocate are my credentials. That said, please email your questions and let The Doggy Dialogues begin!

Question: from Rudy
"What is the best way to keep my teeth clean without having my peeps put their fingers in my mouth?"
Dear Rudy-
I know a dog's life is pretty tough, what with all those treats, naps, walks, kisses, and belly rubs, so it's understandable why you'd want to avoid the further unpleasantness of having your teeth brushed (BOL!) I have done some reading on the subject since receiving your question. You can click here to see what that famous vet, Dr. Pitcairn, has to say about your options. I've also done a little research on brushless dental products- you can begin your own research here. Hope that helps!

Wishing you vibrant health
and precious moments-
Nadine (and Buttons)


Rudy said...

Thanks so much Nadine and Buttons! I'll show you my pearly whites in no time! :) Hugs, Rudy

Janet Roper said...

Doggy Dialogues - love it! Looking forward to reading more of them!