Friday, August 7, 2009


Patricia first contacted me almost a year ago, sharing her deep and wonderful experience of reading The Healing Art of Pet Parenthood. Yesterday I received this letter from her, and am sharing it here with her permission. As pet parents, we can all relate. Please join me in holding Patricia, Buddy, and all grieving pet parents in light and love during their time of deep transition.

"Dear Nadine:

I don't know if you remember me, I am the lady from "Warehouse Vitamins" that wrote some time ago about my dog, "Buddy."

My dearest and most trusted companion fell ill, on the 23rd of July. Before I knew what was happening, and the vet miss-diagnosed him to have valley fever, and after a full panel of blood work, we discovered that his kidneys were failing.

He fell much worse by the 27th of July. Although I tried several times to get him in sooner to the vet, they were reluctant to see the urgency of my precious boy, so took him to another vet, his little kidneys were breaking down. After years of battling stones in his bladder and two surgeries, his little kidneys just could not keep up.

His little heart was enlarged and to flush the kidneys would affect the heart, and he was in such pain, that he was telling me that it was time to go. I had spent the night before nursing him and trying to make him comfortable, he kept getting up trying to tell me he had to go somewhere. After tears of heartbreak and bewilderment, I took him in early to find that his pain was too much to bear. Between the advise of a vet, of whom I have never met but was truly in tune with Buddy we decided to put him to sleep.

Buddy was to receive a sedative first, but as my baby lay in my arms with eyes wide open, looking at his mama, he was telling me he wanted me to go through this transition with him. The doctor then administered the narcotic, and little Buddies eyes were open the whole time, as I told him that mama is right here, you'll not feel any more pain, and that you are such a brave boy, and a good boy,and then the love of my life, had left... his lifeless body left with eyes left on me. Oh the grief, the heart wrenching break of almost 16 years with my most trusted friend was gone.

Your book became alive in my life! The emptiness, at home, my babies little bed empty the space of once shared on the floor is somewhat out of order now that I just keep looking for my precious "Buddy!"

Oh Nadine , I think people think I am crazy to love my boy as I did! But it gives me great relief to write this with an understanding heart on the other end. Please keep me in your prayers, the nights are long, and the mornings are the worst. But we will endure, Buddy would of wanted mama to.

With much love,

Patricia C."