Thursday, May 23, 2013


...without chemo, radiation or amputation. Not only did she survive after being given 6-weeks to live, but within 4 months of purely holistic support, her body's own natural healing response reversed the disease and she thrived cancer-free to the age of 19.

In this true story, which reads like a novel, you will find out all the things I did and the changes I made to support Button's body in healing itself! You will come to understand how you are NOT powerless against cancer, and of the many easy things you can do to prevent your pet from ever developing it.

☚☚☚Just scroll down (look left) and click on the 1st PayPal button- the one that says "BUY NOW" (not "PAY NOW") above the Amazon link, and for only $10, have a pdf of the entire book and jacket emailed to you and/or a friend within 24 hours for
  • easy reading on your computer, iPad, or eReader!
  • Or- using "abobe Reader 7" and "iPod Notes Reader" you can convert it into files that can be read on your iPod!

Enjoy! And as always, thank you for helping spread the word so we can continue helping more and more pets and pet parents!

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Monday, May 20, 2013


Here is a list of the 17 most dog-friendly cities in the U. S.

How does YOUR town rate?
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Wednesday, May 15, 2013


First of all, a quick "thank you!" to "Gail" in Baltimore who's responsible for my waking up this morning to another 5 star book review!  What a great way to start the day, knowing I've touched a stranger's heart :-)

Those of you who've read my book, know that through the years  I used several AZMIRA products for supplementing Buttons' diet to keep her immune system strong and her body alkalized and inflammation-free. MEGA PET DAILY, SEA SUPREME and YUCCA INTENSIVE are the three I've used and shared about most, all with fabulous results.

Please know: I get ABSOLUTELY NO kick-back, promotion, or compensation of any kind from sharing about these products or from your purchasing them. I just know that over the last 30 years, this company has never compromised on quality as seen here.

If an ingredient in one of their formulas is unavailable or not up to their extremely high quality standards, they will suspend or discontinue the product! To me, that is a clear indication that money/profit is NOT their bottom line: YOUR PET'S HEALTH IS!

Bottom line of this post: AZMIRA doesn't scrimp and neither should you. Please research the companies whose products you rely on and make sure they truly have your beloved animal's good health in mind- because that is what is at stake.

Thank you to the good folks at AZMIRA for continuing to hold the high quality standards they always have. It's not easy to go against the norm and do what's right.

Comment Questions: Do you ever research the companies whose products you use? Have you ever called a company and asked questions about their products before purchasing them?