Thursday, April 12, 2012


Holistic care means viewing "the whole" as in: the entire body as a connected, cellular-communicating organism. It is not about symptom-treating with natural remedies. It is not about fighting the disease. It is about cleansing the body and then supporting it nutritionally so it can heal itself...or maintain its vibrant health.

You cannot truly heal the body of one ailment (symptom/disease) and have it continue to suffer from a second or third one. The body is either healed or unhealed. Healthy or unhealthy. This is true whether the body is human, canine or feline.

This is a totally different paradigm than the one held by mainstream western, allopathic, big pharma medicine- which generates billions of dollars more than maintaining a toxic-free, well-nourished, self-healing body can.

Charlotte Gerson (founder of the Gerson Institute-see documentary for free here ) says this same thing in the brilliant documentary, Food Matters.

For the sake of your body, and that of your pets', I encourage you to consider investigating this view (the one I used to heal my dog's body of cancer...and everything else) by watching these forthright, informative and empowering documentaries. It will only take a couple of hours of your time... less than you've probably spent in the last year sitting in your doctor's or vet's waiting room.