Friday, October 14, 2011


Pet parents are always asking me how to treat their pets with specific diseases and conditions. What I came to understand with extreme clarity when helping Buttons heal from cancer, is that most every disease and condition is a symptom, not a cause.

They are symptoms of the body, which is created as a self-healing organism, losing its ability (for the time being) to maintain vibrant health. So- NO MATTER WHAT THE CONDITION OR DISEASE, my answer is always the same: "clear/cleanse/build".

The first step is to remove the CAUSES- the things that are burdening the body and sapping its self-healing ability! Some of these things include nutritionally empty food, chemical additives, chemical-laden drinking water, toxic chemicals in the form of cleaners, grooming supplies, air fresheners, stain removers, flea treatments, and toxic bowls, toys, and treats.

Of course, as I talk about in my book, I know there are times when circumstances call for immediate pharmaceutical or surgical action, but when I say that, I'm talking about things like when Buttons had a stroke at the age of 17 and we gave her a steroid shot to reduce the swelling in her brain and bring her far enough away from danger so I could then employ more natural support. This is not the same as 9 years earlier when the lab diagnosed cancer and the vet gave her 6 weeks to live. I knew 6 weeks was enough time to kick start her body's own natural healing response, so I said no to the surgery and chemotherapy that the vet insisted she needed to stay alive.

Next, the body must be cleansed of all residual toxins. The liver is the main storehouse of these immune-burdening chemicals. The proper use of diet, herbs and homeopathic remedies can effectively and safely cleanse the internal organs and tissue.

"Build" is the final step- supporting the body nutritionally with clean, simple, NON PROCESSED organic food, along with megadosing certain vitamins like ascorbic acid. Bodies are amazingly resilient when causes are removed and proper nutrition is introduced. When I think about the toxic, chemical soup most people (and their pets!) live in due to cleaners, air fresheners and laundry products, combined with consuming things like sugar, hormones and antibiotics in meat and dairy products, and drugs like caffeine on a daily basis, not only am I amazed at the body's ability to withstand abuse, but I'm surprised even MORE people and pets aren't developing devastating disease.

Here is a book and a film that I personally have found invaluable in more fully understanding this truly holistic paradigm of "clear/cleanse/build" versus fighting the disease and symptom-squelching:

3 Simple Steps to healthy Pets and Food Matters which is also available to stream via Netflix

I get no compensation for directing people towards either the book or the film- I just want you to stay informed and healthy! It's a different way of looking at healing, but one worth investigating, in my experience. May you and your pets have long, vibrant lives!