Monday, May 28, 2012


Drugs don't heal disease. Neither do supplements or remedies. THE BODY HEALS ITSELF. This is true for any body: human, canine, or feline. The body is either in a state of health or in a state of disease. It really doesn't matter which disease.

How are you ensuring that your pet's body will maintain perfect health? Are you aware of all the chemicals you're exposing them to via food, treats, toys, cleaners, grooming products, and your personal products?

Matt Monarch and his wife, Angela Stokes-Monarch know and share an enormous amount of good information about achieving and maintaining vigorous health naturally and I encourage you to take a few minutes to enjoy their latest laid-back, informative video explaining cleansing: "You Can't Take Something To Heal".

I did not use Matt's exact suggested method (see video here) to cleanse Buttons' body and trigger its natural healing response (though I follow his protocol for my own health). But I DID give her oral liquids and herbs to achieve similar results and help her liver and intestines dump toxins.

Those of you who've read The Healing Art of Pet Parenthood know that I studied under Dr. Rich Anderson who has been one of the world's pioneers in the arena of the body's ability to maintain vibrant health through intestinal cleansing and nutritional support.

As the book describes, his information and cleansing programs were absolutely foundational in my helping Buttons heal from cancer without chemo, radiation, or amputation when she was diagnosed (biopsy done twice to ensure accuracy) and given 6 weeks to live.

YES: within 4 months of implementing a "clear/cleanse/build" protocol Buttons was cancer-free.

YES: she remained cancer-free for 11 vibrant years to the age of 19.

NO: I never gave her a drug or natural remedy to cure her cancer or to fight her cancer.

YES: I gave her remedies to help cleanse and build her body so IT COULD HEAL ITSELF, which it DID!

YES: via my consultations, I can help you learn how to stack the odds against your pet ever developing a disease such as cancer and how to easily do all that you can to help them maintain a strong immune system.

WHY: would you want to wait until your pet is ill to schedule a consultation?!?!?!?