Saturday, January 24, 2009

Fun, New Way to Find Books You'll Love!

For anyone who loves to read, here is a favorite site of mine. "Flashlight Worthy recommends books so good, they'll keep you up past your bedtime." If you're considering buying my book, or any other from, please consider doing it via the Amazon links on Flashlight Worthy. Then, of course, there's my all time favorite Flashlight Worthy list.

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"Why Flashlight Worthy Exists

Amazon sells every book in print, but the choice can be overwhelming. Flashlight Worthy is here to help:

  • We don't list the best selling books — we list the best books
  • We don't list 6,072 results when you search for John Irving (including 251 versions of Garp!) — we list each of his 15 books just once.
  • We don't make you hunt around for hours to find the very best books on parenting — we do the work for you.

Flashlight Worthy is nothing but thoughtful, hand-picked recommendations...
Organized into hundreds of useful, interesting, fun lists...
And all we do is books. :)

How You Can Help Us

Flashlight Worthy is a labor of love. There's just two of us, but we try to add new lists when we can. As a little added encouragement, we get a small referral fee when you buy one of our recommendations from Amazon (and we mean small — usually just enough to buy a Hershey bar)."


Chris said...

Often, I just go to the shelves I have full of unread books! But I will make a note of a book mentioned on the blog of someone whose taste I consider similar to my own.

Nadine M. Rosin-"The Healing Art of Pet Parenthood" said...

Ahh! So you will sometimes buy but not read right away. Good point- I'm sure true for many. Thanks, Chris!

Elena said...

I would buy but not read right away sometimes as well :)) But if I was looking for a specific book then I will read it right away. I will make notes of the books other recomend or I will see online (like your, Nadine) and also I would try to remember what books my parents have on their shelves in Russia, since they have a huge library.

Yvonne said...

I buy for business, mostly. Others get sent to me to review on my women's blog or my petblog. I'm very fortunate to have a high stack of books waiting for me. I try to read for biz some of the time, but always fit time in to read for enjoyment. YOUR book is my favorite of all time!

Nadine M. Rosin-"The Healing Art of Pet Parenthood" said...

Wow, Elena- sure would love to see that library!


Jennifer said...

That sounds like such an interesting idea! I hate all the useless items that come up when you search on Amazon...half your time is spent on crawling through all that stuff!