Wednesday, January 7, 2009


During a recent radio interview (link on left column), a very astute listener asked me about the potential dangers of toxins from dog toys, particularly those made in China. Here is a wonderful alternative: meet Amy J. Mork/founder.

"Helping pets leave their pawprints on your heart, not the environment"

"I started The Leash We Can Do with the desire to create a safe place for pets, people, and the environment. The pet industry is almost entirely unregulated. I was spending so much time researching products and contacting companies about their ingredients, manufacturing, etc., that I really wanted to create a business that would be more discriminating when it came to the origin and sustainability of its catalog. A place that people could trust, knowing that the footwork had already been done.

Having a passion for both pets' health and our economic and environmental climate, I decided to exclude many products that are not made in the US. Because I am located in Chicago, this cuts down on a lot of shipping and pollution. I also look at companies that are creating solid and reliable jobs here in America, in addition to quality products. When possible, I've met with founders of companies and toured their facilities. We carry toys that are handmade in the US, toys that are made from recycled items, and other items that support US farmers and manufacturing.

For US residents, buying products made here helps our currently unstable economy and cuts down on shipping costs and waste. While more and more people are thinking of their own carbon footprints, I believe it is equally important to think about our own pets' carbon pawprints.

For instance, there are a number of dog waste bags that say they are biodegradable, but they do not meet standards to make those claims. Because there are only two states (California and New York) that require products to meet qualifications in order to put the words "biodegradable" on packaging, many people are making their shopping decisions without knowing that these products do not actually biodegrade.

I was so frustrated to hear this. This is one of the reasons I wanted to create a business that thoroughly researches all products they carry. Consumers shouldn't have to be an expert on absolutely everything they buy. There should be retailers who will refuse to carry items that do not meet high expectations. Plus, pets love this stuff!

DragonWagon and KisseFace's favorite toys are the Yeowww Catnip toys. They are made in the US and filled with 100% Organic, US grown catnip (the best quality I've ever seen-- and you can see the difference in their excitement!). Our dog, Tinker, loves her Orbee, which is her all-time favorite toy. It's made from recycled plastic and is non-toxic and recyclable. Her favorite outside toy is the Fling Thing, also made from recycled plastic and her favorite feature-- it floats! It's easier for her to retrieve in the water, as it's very visible and she doesn't have to open her mouth as wide and swallow as much water when she picks it up in the lake.

There needs to be more accountability for the production and manufacturing of pet products. The Leash We Can Do is a place that stands up for pets and their people."

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