Sunday, January 4, 2009


"With the new year comes the making of new year resolutions: make more money, lose weight, have better relationships. But what about making a new year resolution to begin communicating intuitively with your pet?

Animals form an important part of our lives, and can be an important part of our relationships. Those of us with pets often find ourselves wondering what our companions would say if they could talk. Well, they can, and do talk to us! We simply need to open our minds and build our confidence to hear what our companions are saying to us.

Here’s a fun practice tip to get you started:
Create a list of questions you want to ask your pet. Then, pretend you are a ventriloquist and your pet is your assistant! Ask your assistant the questions and answer in their voice. No fair thinking about the answer, no fair judging the answer. Say the first thing that pops in your mind and let it be. As you play this game with your pet partner, you'll be amazed at the information that you receive and the deep bond you develop!"

Janet Roper is an animal communicator based in Shorewood, MN. She offers individual communication sessions and teleconferences. For more information, contact her at You can visit her blog:

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Caroline Melberg said...

Great tip on how to get started talking with your animals! Thanks Janet!