Tuesday, January 27, 2009


As the cases of disease and health care costs continue to rise, there is relief to be found in the growing number of compassionate and reliable pet insurance companies. One that I am particularly familiar with and fond of is EMBRACE Pet Insurance and I have heard only good things about them from fellow pet parents. Below is a short excerpt from the EMBRACE web site. Do you have a story regarding pet insurance? Are your pets insured? Please leave your comments below.

"Eight Reasons You Need Pet Insurance

#1 - No Need to Decide Under Emotional Stress
If your pet suddenly falls sick or is injured, the last thing you want to worry about is having to make a trade off between what you feel is right and what you can afford. Pet insurance allows you to avoid life-or-money decisions like these.

#2 - Pets Can Get Sick Any Time
Young dogs eat stuff they shouldn't, indoor cats don't get enough exercise and can become overweight and unhealthy, older pets get arthritis and high blood pressure. Stuff like this happens, you can't really plan for it.

#3 - Do What Is Right, Not What You Can Afford
When you are discussing treatment options with your veterinarian, you want to focus on doing the right thing, not the cost. Pet insurance helps you do that.

#4 - Seemingly Simple Things Can Cost Thousands
A simple fracture can cost $2,000 or $3,000 to repair. Could you pay this if it happened today?

#5 - You Have How Much Saved Up?
You keep saying you want to set aside an emergency fund for veterinary bills ... how much have you saved up so far?

#6 - Vet Costs Rising Faster Than Your Wages
Veterinary care is expensive and continues to get more expensive as it becomes more sophisticated. The statistics say that our wages are having trouble keeping up.

#7 - It's Not Expensive
Pet insurance that is designed properly can help you plan for life's unexpected turns and be inexpensive too.

#8 - Because They Would Do It for You
The unconditional love your pet shows you every day tells you.

Why Choose Embrace?

We looked at the pet insurance market and talked to lots of pet parents like us. We learned that pet parents weren't happy with inflexible pet insurance policies and companies that didn't give you all the facts to make an informed decision.

Here at Embrace we believe that if you don't like the rules of the game then you should change them. So that's what we're doing.

Embrace Pet Insurance offers a customizable policy unlike any other on the market. This means that as a pet parent you decide how much and what type of coverage you want. The days of small, medium, and large are over!

Embrace's policies cover accidents, illnesses, genetic conditions, even alternative and complementary therapies, and chronic illnesses lasting more than one policy year. And we do not cap claims payments per condition."


Einstein said...

My name's Einstein and I'm a dog! My owners have Embrace Pet Insurance on me and we've got to tell you it was a real blessing this past fall. I had to have surgery for a diaphragmatic hernia. This translates into the fact that I had a 4 inch hole in my diaphragm that had allowed almost my entire small intestine to enter my chest cavity! Just to diagnose this condition cost my parents almost $500! The surgery was an additional $2000!! I'm happy to say the surgery was a total success and mom and dad were rebated $1840 from Embrace! This is 80% of the total cost minus a deductible of $200. While they assured me that they would have paid for this surgery even without the insurance, I'm glad that Embrace was there to help them cover the majority of this expense. The peace of mind knowing this was covered was well worth the small monthly premium.

Therese said...

My 2 dogs and my cat have health insurance and I'm glad of it. About 6 months after I signed them up with Petplan, my dog Lydia was diagnosed with cancer. Since we're doing chemo, there's definitely a cost issue involved but having insurance takes the bulk of that away and lets me concentrate on helping her get well. I still have to pay a percentage, but a major portion of it is covered, and that's made a huge difference in the decision making process. I don't have to base my decisions for her care on money and that's a very big thing!

Nadine M. Rosin-"The Healing Art of Pet Parenthood" said...

Glad to hear of the good outcomes, Einstein and Therese- thanks!

OKim1 said...

Here is a link to my horror story with the ASPCA pet insurance co after my beloved dog had cancer and amputation of his leg. I had to fight them all the way! Would not recommend them to anyone!! Only paid a small percentage...
now his cancer has spread..
it good to know there are some out there with the pets in mind not their bank account! there should be a rating system for pet ins co's

Anonymous said...

OKim1, you might want to check out petinsurancereview.com for a pet insurance reviews-they've got real reviews on the major insurerers. just a thought.

Nadine M. Rosin-"The Healing Art of Pet Parenthood" said...

THANK YOU Anon for this valuable link!!

Loella at Head-to-Tail, Inc. said...

We tried Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI) in the past. They were a quality company. But after a couple years I decided it wasn't cost effective for our 3 extremely healthy dogs. I decided instead to take part of the monthly payment I previously was sending to VPI and putting it in savings. As a professional, I do always recommend interested clients to research the different companies. I think it is especially beneficial if you are concerned about high instance breed-specific problems. I have never heard of Embrace and will definitely be familiarizing myself with them for my clients. Thanks!

Chris said...

With the rising vet costs and animal diseases, pet insurance isn't a bad idea. Thanks for the info.