Saturday, November 8, 2008

Toxic To Your Pet #3- aka: In My Opinion

When my adopted daughter Buttons was 8 years old, she was diagnosed with deadly carcinoma and given 6 weeks to live. It was then that I launched a massive personal research campaign into the world of holistic medicine.

I soon came to learn that “holistic” DIDN'T mean symptom treating with natural remedies or herbs in lieu of pharmaceutical drugs. Instead, it meant clearing my home environment of all possible toxins, detoxifying Buttons’ entire system physically and emotionally, and then giving her the proper nutritional support so that Buttons’ body could do what an unburdened, nontoxic body does best: HEAL ITSELF.

The story of that journey is part of what The Healing Art of Pet Parenthood is all about. Here are some of the finer details not mentioned in the book:

Your Pet’s Dishes-
Personally, I would only use glass or stainless steel bowls for food and water. Plastics are known to leach and leak chemicals and some pottery glazes can do the same.

Electrical Outlets-
Everyday, there is more and more published about the ill-effects of EMF (electrical magnetic field) on the immune system. I always made sure Buttons’ bedding and bowls were placed at least 4 feet away from any electrical outlet or live appliance.

For "Toxic To Your Pet" #1 and #2, just scroll down :)

Wishing you vibrant health
and precious moments
Nadine (and Buttons)

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